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Helen Haywood – Botanical Illustration Artist

Helen Haywood – Botanical Illustration Artist

Helen Haywood – Botanical Illustration Artist
Welcome to the art of Helen Haywood.

I spent my childhood in Sussex near Ashdown Forest and moved to Wales in my teens. I studied at Carmarthen Art College, then for a BA hons degree in Newport Art College and took an MA in illustration at Birmingham.

I have always had an interest in nature, particularly flowers. My father took me for walks as a child, he loved the beauty of the wildlife and would often pick up old leaves so I could look at the veins and egg shells and flowers to observe the detail.

In the 1990’s I had a lot of success having exhibitions at Kew Gardens and the Museum of Garden History in London. Ashley House Fine Art sold a lot of my work and I did a number of commissions.

I worked on illustrations for Kew Gardens and the Readers Digest.

Now I have painted a few more and started to sell again. I now have more time and feel I would like other people to appreciate my work.
I did and still do get a great deal of pleasure having people who brought my paintings treasure them, even though I often remember paintings and wish they were still mine!

The paintings are now mainly on vellum, which is a natural product and one of the oldest materials to work on. Vellum has been used for centuries and is extremely durable and expensive, it is labour intensive and needs a skilled craftsman to achieve the fine finish. It is hard to buy now as there is only one supplier in the country and there is often a waiting list.

I paint on vellum for many reasons, even though it can be hard to paint on as each piece can vary. As I explained it is very durable and will last for hundreds of years. It is traditional and used by artists such as Redoute. It gives a unique timeless quality to the work.
My paintings are exact in detail, form and have depth of colour and space. They are botanical accurate. However the most important thing is that they have that indefinable something that makes them true art!

Paintings start at £300, but large paintings sell at £5,000.

My paintings can been seen and bought at present at Ashley House Fine Art – Moreton-in-Marsh and Rolls of Ludlow.

Bollingham House,

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Helen Haywood – Botanical Illustration Artist