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Herefordshire Beekeepers Association

Herefordshire Beekeepers Association

Herefordshire Beekeepers Association
Do you live in Herefordshire, and want to keep bees, or at least learn more about them? We can help.

We are the County Association for beekeeping in Herefordshire, affiliated to the British Beekeepers’ Association and the Midland and South-Western Counties Convention of Beekeepers. We are also affiliated to the National Honey Show and the Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd.

We have a long history of helping local beekeepers. Exotic and indigenous pests and diseases are a challenge. New ones seem to keep appearing and advice about how to deal with them is always useful.

We have three LANs (Local Activity Network groups) which meet during the active beekeeping season at members’ apiaries. Each group has a local expert tutor – a great way for beginners to learn and to get help with problems. We have indoor meetings in the winter, bee safaris and an annual course for beginners. We also issue a Newsletter – monthly apart from January.

If you find yourself in Hereford, do drop into the Museum and take a look at our observation hive. Depending on the time of year and the weather, you might see the bees doing a waggle-dance (passing information about food sources to their sisters), see young bees hatching or spot the queen.

Found a swarm of Bees?  Please go to our Swarm Collection Page to contact a local Beekeeper – here…..

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Herefordshire Beekeepers Association