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Herefordshire Gliding Club, Shobdon

Herefordshire Gliding Club, Shobdon

Herefordshire Gliding Club, Shobdon
Learning to fly a glider is not difficult …

Herefordshire Gliding Club is a small group of friends, brought together at Shobdon Airfield in the beautiful Welsh border country where we enjoy gliding with few airspace restrictions.
We are members of the British Gliding Association
Voluntary administration and instruction allow us to keep our charges to a minimum.
Our two seater training gliders enable the novice to make quick progress under the supervision of our qualified instructors.
There are no age restrictions, other than that pilots under the age of fourteen are not allowed to fly solo.
The hard surface runway allows us to fly every weekend of the year.
All launching is by aerotow, which is by far the safest and most reliable method.
There are social functions, inter club competitions, course weeks, club task weeks, and visiting club weeks.

Learning to fly a glider is not difficult …

The only age restrictions are that you must be 14 to fly solo and 16 to go cross country. There is no upper age limit subject to some minimum medical requirements.
After a few flights you will start to become confident with the flight controls. Rather like learning to ride a bicycle – once you have “cracked it”, you will never forget!
Go solo
With aerotow launching (as we do at Shobdon), the average pilot will take perhaps 35 or 45 instructional flights before flying solo.
In this period we teach you how to maintain the glider in flight using thermals, ridge lift and mountain wave.
The firstmost objective is to teach you to be a safe pilot. You will only fly solo once you and your instructor are confident that you fly safely
Glider pilot Licence
Once you complete your training you can apply to the British Gliding Association for your Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (Sailplanes) which is valid throughout Europe or for your Sailplane Pilot Licence which is valid Globally.
You can also apply for your “Gliding Certificate”. This comes as a small book. The book contains pages to record your gliding progress through the FAI Silver, Gold and Diamond “Badges”.
In the Sky with Diamonds
Although optional, the FAI “Badges” provide you with interesting challenges to build on your gliding skills and experience.
The FAI “Silver” badge includes a 5 hour duration flignt, a 50km cross country flight and a height gain of 1,000 meters.
The “Gold Badge” requires the Silver Duration, a 300km cross country flight and a height gain of 3,000 meters.
The three “Diamonds” are a 300km “Goal” flight around a pre-declared route, a 500km free distance and a heigh gain of 5,000 meters.
Take it further
You can train for your Flight Instructor qualification and also obtain dispensations for the training requirements of the LAPL(A) (or PPL) powered light aircraft pilot’s licence.
Getting started
We rota an instructor on Saturdays every weekend. Flying starts at around 11 am. however you are very welcome to come and help us get the aircraft out of the hangar before this time.
No booking is necessary but it can reduce waiting if you forewarn Les Kaye that you are planning to come.

+44 7585 702427
Herefordshire Gliding Club Ltd
Shobdon Airfield
  • Herefordshire Gliding Club, Shobdon

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Herefordshire Gliding Club, Shobdon