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Leominster Medieval Society

Leominster Medieval Society

Leominster Medieval Society
We hold an annual Medieval Event and Display in Leominster.

Please put this in your diary: The date of Leominster Medieval Pageant 2016 is the weekend of 18-19th June. We are looking at delivering a bigger and even better event, once again with the help of top class re-enactors and performers. As before, the venue is the old monastery site and surrounding areas.

For most people in Medieval Europe activities and lifestyles were conditioned by the rhythms and seasons of the natural world and by events and festivals in the Christian calendar.
The 24/7 lifestyle would come as an unpleasant shock to Lord and peasant alike – and is not always so pleasant today either!
Winter was a time of repair and maintenance, of making tools, clothes and household items, and of preparing for the year ahead.
For many the twelve days of Christmas were a time of fun and indulgence in a season that could be harsh and punishing.
The kill-joys could expect a damp response as can be seen in the following 15th Century carol:
Make we merry both rich and poor
For now is the time of Christmas
Let no man come into this hall
Groom, page, nor yet marshal
But that some sport he bring withal
For now is the time of Christmas
If that he say he cannot sing
Some other sport then let him bring
That it may please at this feasting
For now is the time of Christmas
If he say, he can nought do
Then for my love ask him no mo
But to the stocks then let him go
For now is the time of Christmas

Are there any local groups, schools, societies or associations that would like to get involved in the Leominster Medieval Pageant? This is a free entry event for the whole community and for visitors.
We are looking for musicians who play or sing period music and want to share in the carnival atmosphere. Are there any entertainers out there with skills and routines that will fit in with the theme? Please bear in mind we are operating on a limited budget!

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Leominster Medieval Society