Discover the Black and White Villages of Herefordshire



  Lyonshall is a pretty village a short distance from the A44 to the right and is well worth a stop to explore.

When approaching from the A44 turn right here to park in the lay-by.  Walk back to the A44, cross the road and visit this delightful church.

Alongside lie the remains of the castle, now hidden by trees.

A well preserved section of Offa’s Dyke lies to the south west.

After returning to your car, proceed into the centre of the village between the Royal George Pub and the Old Forge.  Stop and admire the views.

Here are some images kindly sent in by John Quinton-Adams at Lyonshall Research:

Lyonshall is one of the largest parishes in Herefordshire, covering approximately 5,000 acres. To the west, it reaches the Kington by-pass; to the south, it includes Holmes Marsh and Woonton Ash; to the east, it stops just short of Cotmore Farm and The Yeld; and to the north, it follows the course of the river Arrow by Titley Mill.

About 750 people live in around 280 households. Many have lived in Lyonshall all their lives, like their parents and grandparents before them.

The first documentary evidence of life in Lyonshall is in the Domesday Book. It tells us that Lyonshall at that time was a reasonably substantial settlement, with the Saxon villagers quickly having to get used to a new Norman lord.

William the Conqueror’s occupying forces had successfully invaded England in 1066, and it didn’t take them long to occupy Lyonshall. They were keen to secure this important strategic site on the border with Wales.

Turn left immediately after the pub to return to the A44.  The junction with the main road is marked by a group of firs, such as the drovers planted in the 19th century to mark key places on their routes.

Continue along the A44 passing the Westonbury Mill Water Gardens on your right hand side. 

Westonbury Mill Water Gardens are a two acre garden laid out around a tangle of streams and ponds behind an old corn mill.

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